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Jennifer Spease

Athletic Eligibility

Matthew Northman

CalGrant (Financial Aid)

Last names that begin with:

A-L: Joan Paulino

M-Z: Seanna Villarreal

California Dream Act Applications


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A-M: Joan Paulino

N-Z: Seanna Villarreal

Cashiering Services:

Student Debts/Accounts/Payments



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A-H: Ellen Shaw

I-P: Jeffrey Valladares

Q-Z: Devendra Shrestha

Community Education Registration


Heather Peitz

DegreeWorks/Graduation Evaluations

Sheldon Carroll

Diploma Mailing and Diploma Replacement

Sheldon Carroll

Dream Act Verification


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 Seanna Villarreal

English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Fall 2023 Quick Reference Guide for Faculty

Federal Student Loan Applications

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A-I: JoAnn Teer 

J-R: Marixa Barnett

S-Z: Matthew Northman 

Federal Workstudy

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ABCDEF: JoAnn Teer

GHIJKL: Joan Paulino

MNOPQRSTUVWXYZ: Seanna Villarreal

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Verifications


2023-2024 FAFSA Verification

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ABCD: Matthew Northman 

EF:  Andrea Hunter

GH: Ruby Reyes

IJKLM: JoAnn Teer

NOPQ: Joan Paulino

RSTU: Seanna Villarreal

VWXYZ: Marixa Barnett


Grade Changes

Elnore Mariano

IGETC Certifications

Sheldon Carroll

International Students


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A-L Joan Paulino


M-Z Marixa Barnett


Lifelong Learning

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Seanna Villarreal

Positive Attendance Reporting Questions

JoAnn Teer


Sheldon Carroll



Ellen Shaw


Seanna Villarreal, JoAnn Teer


COM Scholarships : Ruby Reyes

Outside Scholarships: Marixa Barnett

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)/DSPS

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Student Parking Permits

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Transcript requests

Jennifer Spease

Verification requests

Veterans Educational Benefits

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