Your enrollment priority will be determined by your status as a new, continuing or returning student at College of Marin, AND a series of steps called matriculation (see below) that are designed to help you be successful as a college student. By completing each of these steps you will earn the right to register early in the registration cycle, providing you with the best chance of securing the classes you need each semester.

The key steps of matriculation include:

  1. Participate in an Orientation.
  2. Meet with a Counselor to Develop/Update your Student Educational Plan.

College of Marin’s revised enrollment priorities can be found in Administrative Procedure 5055.

Register for Credit Classes

After submitting an application and setting up your MyCOM portal:

  1. Register online through the MyCOM Portal
  2. Choose the term and you may add/drop classes until the add/drop deadlines.

​Register for Noncredit ESL Classes

Pasos a seguir para inscribirse a clases de inglés como segundo idioma sin crédito

Noncredit ESL Application Process

Register for Concurrent Enrollment for High Schools Students — College Credit Program (CCP)

Due to COVID-19 please refer to the JUMPSTART College Credit Program (CCP) Instructions.

High School Students

After submitting an application:

  1. Come to the College of Marin Counseling Department for a Mini-Orientation
    If this is your first time taking a College of Marin course, you must attend a mini-orientation led by a COM counselor. During peak registration periods, we will hold group Jumpstart mini-orientations. If you are not able to attend one of the group sessions, please call the Counseling Office at (415) 485-9432 to ask for a short drop-in appointment for the orientation.

  2. Bring your completed College Credit Program (CCP) form to orientation, complete with your signature and those of your parent (if you are under 18 years) and your high school principal and counselor. Our COM counselor will only sign your completed CCP form. If you are interested in registering for a math or English class, the COM counselor will not be able to sign your CCP card without proof of eligibility for math or English (high school transcript or AP scores).

  3. Turn in your College Credit Program (CCP) Form
    Turn in your CCP card along to the Office of Enrollment Services on either the Kentfield or Indian Valley Campus. Make sure that you have the appropriate signatures on your CCP card. If you turn in the CCP form by the required date, you may enroll online beginning on the CCP registration date.

Concurrently enrolled high school students are restricted from enrolling in the following classes:
  • All English courses numbered below 100
  • All English as a Second Language course numbered below 100
  • All math classes numbered below 100

Continuing High School Students

Don't need to submit another application, but must submit a new CCP form signed by a COM counselor every semester.

Middle School (or Younger)

After submitting the application:

  1. Contact the Counseling Office to make an appointment to have a CCP form and special petition signed by a COM counselor. To register for a math or English class, the COM counselor will not be able to sign the CCP form without proof of eligibility for math or English. There is a limit of one course per semester.
  2. Submit the CCP form and special petition to the Office of Enrollment Services.
  3. If the petition is approved, you will be enrolled in the class.

Automated Waitlists

When a class is full, you may place yourself on a waitlist. If space opens up in the class prior to the first day of class, the next student in the queue is automatically enrolled in the class and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to their email account.

Important Information About the Automated Waitlist

  1. Choose the waitlist option if a class is full 
  2. You must meet the prerequisites for the course 
  3. The waitlist is not an option for courses that have corequisites 
  4. The waitlist is available for only one section of the same course 
  5. Waitlist courses may not conflict in time with other courses 
  6. You will receive an enrollment confirmation in your MyCOM email
  7. You must pay your fees, once you’re enrolled from a waitlist or you will be dropped 



If you are not automatically enrolled before the first class meeting, you may email the instructor and request an Add Authorization Code. Distribution of Add Authorization Codes is entirely at the discretion of the instructor.

*NOTE: Add Codes cannot be used until after the first day of classes.


MyCOM Emails

Access Your MyCOM Email

  1. Access your MyCOM student portal
  2. Click on Webmail in the Quick Links launchpad

Forward Your MyCOM Email

  1. Access your MyCOM student portal
  2. Click on Webmail in the Quick Links launchpad
  3. Click on the Settings Gear in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Select Options and click Forwarding or type Forwarding in the search box